Help us “undecorate” our Christmas Tree this Advent season!

A fully decorated Christmas tree with Remembrance ornaments is positioned in the entrance of our Worship Center. We are asking our Remembrance family to take off a Christmas ornament from the tree with the purpose of blessing others.

You can “undecorate” our tree online as well. By clicking the link, you will find a list of opportunities/projects that will bless others. These opportunities range in investment of time and varying price points, and some of them link directly to a mission partner in our community and around the world. After you sign-up for an opportunity, we will remove an ornament from the tree on your behalf. You can choose one or more opportunities, but we hope as a church family to do them all. In fact, we hope to “undecorate” the entire Christmas tree by the end of December so that we can celebrate at the start of the New Year!

If you have any questions, please let us know!

Contact Matthew VanDongen